Soo about that time Emily and I decided to go to Oktoberfest last minute. Best decision ever. In fact there is nothing more accurate when we say that our time in Germany was the best/worst three days of our lives. But we should start with Stoke. We get off the train in Munich and we had no idea where we needed to go, but thankfully we ran into some crazy austrailians who worked at the campsite. They were just coming from the infamous tents of Oktoberfest and we knew we were in for a good time when we missed our bus… twice… because the ausies couldnt remember which bus it was. Don’t get me wrong these people took care of us like we were their family (Free hugs and all). We arrived at the campsite and WOW! We were surrouned by tents, beer, and young, crazy students studying or traveling aboard. Sounds like an amazing time, but it was also (unfortunatly) 30 degrees and pretty dirty. SOO gross. Like vomit gross. ***Sorry about this next part mom and dad** We knew there was absoultly no way we were going to go to bed without a few drinks. Fast forward through some unimportant details from the night. Once we woke up Emily and I were both thinking “ya know, maybe tents in Germany were not the best idea.” But we soon got over that thought, and after a little food and a beer we were ready for day two. Next stop, the mother of all festivals, OKTOBERFEST! When we arrived, naturally we walked in like we owned the place, like a bunch of badgers! Not really sure the amount of times Emily, Clare, Ally, Jake and I were seperated, but it happened a lot. Like literally lost each other for hours, but I never felt safer in a festival setting and everytime we found each other we had a pretzel and a Spaten beer in our hands. And although the german officers scared the living daylights out of us we still manged to sneek into a tent. For those of you don’t know much about Oktoberfest, this is a VERY big deal. Good thing we were really sneaky. Just kidding, we honestly lucked out becuase our friend Jake got his hand stamped after being escorted into the tent to use an ATM. But the stamp was the golden ticket, and after he rubbed it on my hand and ally’s we were in! The tents were amazing: loud Germans singing songs and yelling PROST, beer everywhere, and every person with a smile on their face. It was a once in a life time opportunity. We made some incredible memories like stealing our three pound beer mugs from the festival (The one thing they are really strict about).Oh by the way we found our main ginger, Hannah, in our favorite beer garden! It was like finding love in a hopeless place. She has some pretty cool friends from Santa Clara.┬áBut the biggest shoutout goes to Chilie, Lucca, and Andrew. These three teenage Germain boys turned our last night in Germany into a one of a kind, kind of night. Not only did they give us a small glimsp into what growing up in Germany would be like, but they left us laughing all night. I mean these boys tried to tell us that they knew English better then us… trust me when I say they didn’t. Well maybe better English than Ally. Sorry if this next part gets cheesey, but the moments we shared with those boys in the beer garden reminded us why studying abroad is so special. We have met so many people from so many cultures and they have opened up our minds to new ideas. Both of us cannot emphasize how much fun we are having and how grateful we feel to be here.

So yeah hope you liked the little update! Coming soon pictures from da one, da only, Thorpe! WE miss and love you all so so much!

Europe you have our hearts, Italy our stomachs!